Our mission is to make AI-based coaching for personal and professional development accessible for everyone.

We admire the DuoLingo® founders who had a lofty mission of democratizing language learning by subsidizing the learning of the vast majority of their users through the subscriptions of those who can afford to pay. We aim to be the "DuoLingo of AI-based personal development". It's why our basic version will be always free.

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Our founding

Verby was founded by tech entrepreneur Saro Saravanan, who also brought the world innovations like Fidelity NetBenefits, TSA PreCheck, and TSA CAT. Verby was born out of Saro's lifelong journey in the startup world learning about emotional intelligence through interactions with cofounders, colleagues, and family members. Drawing from personal experience, Saravanan understands the importance of effective communication in emotionally charged situations. "Years ago, I witnessed my $100 million venture collapse, partly due to my inability to communicate effectively with my co-founder and peers," he says. "Verby simplifies the development of active listening and emotional intelligence skills by leveraging AI to provide immediate, personalized, and non-judgmental feedback, empowering users to improve their interpersonal interactions."

Anyone seeking to improve their career prospects or more harmony in their relationships should try Verby.

How Verby works

How Verby Works

Verby comes with a vast library of topics. Topics relate to various challenging conversations users might have as part of their personal or work lives. For example, Sales Professionals deal with topics like Success in Contract Negotiations and Overcoming Customer Objections. Managers deal with topics like Performance Reviews and Conflict Resolution. Topics vary by track. For example, a solopreneur has a different library of topics from a college student.

Choose a topic from our library or create your own. Each topic has several questions. Select one and speak your answer. Submit when done and immediately get an assessment. Rinse and repeat till you are satisfied with the scores. Now you have mastered the topic! Other advanced features and modalities are available in some versions.

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How You Can Benefit

Whether it's a college or job interview, a product pitch, a meeting with your manager regarding a raise, dealing with a troublesome colleague, or any other scenario, you can quickly simulate it with Verby. You can:

  • Practice speaking about emotionally charged topics in a private, judgment-free environment
  • Receive instant, actionable feedback to refine your communication skills
  • Track your progress and improvement through personalized metrics
  • Access tailored content and challenges specific to your needs and goals
  • Build the confidence and skills to tackle any life-changing conversation, from interviews and presentations to personal relationships and professional challenges

Our team

Dedicated to quality and your success

Saro Saravanan
Founder & CEO
Hari Mahadevan
Ramesh Kumar
Nitin Mittal